Kathryn’s Life

Disclaimer: so I decided to rip off two institutions, instead of my usual one— o well.

In response to the challenge made by Sue and C.A.
Dutch kids grow up on the books written by Dick Bruna. His most famous character is Nijntje (Miffy in the English versions). He has a unique style of drawing his characters, but it is often forgotten that his writing style is very special too.
I even had to call my parents to have them read out a page to me, just to get the hang of his meter and rhyme scheme.

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The House – epilogue two

Sorry it took me so long, but here it is: part two of the epilogue! Hope you like it.

The House has been my longest story so far, and finishing it was very gratifying. You could say I’m sort of sad to let the story go, but its time has come. Unfortunately I won’t be able to call it my never-ending saga anymore!

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How do you aleviate boredom? Playing games!

Disclaimer: So they own the characters. That still doesn’t make them the Rulers of the World.

Ever tried drinking 2 cups of strong black coffee with heaps of sugar 1 hour before going to bed? Don’t!!

(Unless of course you want to hear the neighboring church bell herald every hour twice)

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The smell of caramel brownies had invaded the house. Every first Sunday of the month, Gretchen Janeway found herself baking her oldest daughter’s favorite brownies. Unfortunately, Kathryn would not be there to enjoy them. Instead Phoebe and her family would come over, and Kathy – Phoebe’s eldest – would do her aunt proud by begging her grandmother to let her eat them all.

Disclaimer: From all the money I’ll make with this story, I intend to buy Paramount. That way the characters will finally be mine! (*sigh* my dreamscenario)

Story n°5: still from that one moment of clarity when I met Rose.

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