The smell of caramel brownies had invaded the house. Every first Sunday of the month, Gretchen Janeway found herself baking her oldest daughter’s favorite brownies. Unfortunately, Kathryn would not be there to enjoy them. Instead Phoebe and her family would come over, and Kathy – Phoebe’s eldest – would do her aunt proud by begging her grandmother to let her eat them all.

Disclaimer: From all the money I’ll make with this story, I intend to buy Paramount. That way the characters will finally be mine! (*sigh* my dreamscenario)

Story n°5: still from that one moment of clarity when I met Rose.

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Mr. Bear

My bear, my Bamse, always an inspiration. I’m of the opinion that every little girl or boy should have at least one stuffed animal when they’re young. Of course, teddybears are the favorite!

Disclaimer: All mine!

For the one who only speaks to me.

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Disclaimer: Bla, bla, bla. It is my story and I certainly won’t make any money from it!

I had someone in mind when I started this story, but I can’t say who it is. You never know who might have access to my stories! However, events in this story are not based on this inspiring person.
I will say this: I am not trying to make any sensitive political statements with this story. I am a proud citizen of a country where the battle for women to be able to make their own choices has been fought and won.

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Chakotay is invited to participate in the courtly games of the planet Anaidni. What will Kathryn do?

or: Just Another Shore Leave Story

Disclaimer: since we gave them to Caffey as a birthday gift, she is the only one who can sue us :-)

Dedicated to Caffey: happy birthday hon, and many happy returns of the day!

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As she dreams about birds and flowers, little Rosa won’t wake up.

Disclaimer: let’s see, what is it again? Right: Paramount owns all the characters, ships, aliens (well, not really), etc. that I use to get rid off some of those weird story lines in my head. I guess you could say that Paramount is the psychoanalyst who helps us with our struggle in life. (eh? Come again?)

Disclaimer 2: Rose, Ecco and Mr Fernando are all mine!

Okay, so shoot me, I’m in my song-period. Blame my mother! Hey, she bought the 25 Years after Waterloo’ ABBA CD (sorry, only available in the Netherlands). I can’t help but listen to her play it, and then when I get an idea, my psychoanalyst advised me to write it down. So there you have it! It’s Paramount’s fault after all!!

After hearing I had a dream, this is what happened.

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