Right, and another home for my fanfic.

A short summary:

I discovered Star Trek when I was in the USA in 1993-1994. A friend from across the hall in my dorm introduced me to The Next Generation. Once I was back home, I continued following Star Trek. I hated the fact that TNG was cancelled (saw the final episode ‘live’ when in the US), and I did not want to see any of the ‘new’ show: Voyager.

Fastforward four years and I found myself for a year in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. In the years between, I was studying and following P/C (TNG) fanfiction via the internet. While in the UK I started (slowly but surely) following Voyager, both via episodes on TV (infrequently) and on the web in fanfiction. I quickly caught the J/C bug, and before I knew it, I was trying my hand at writing my own fic.

This is also when my nickname graduated from Howard Caldos (figure out the meaning, if you know your TNG) to caldosh.

My first fanfic was One Time. When I read it now, I cringe, but back then this was the start of the current archive.

1999 was my most prolific year.

The last story I wrote was Little Girl Lost.

My own favorite (least cringeworthy) stories are:

Best memory? Sending out my Friends fic and discovering that it started its own series!

Many of my stories were co-written with KateF.