Not-a-Mary-Sue, but another spin off Rosa Series

Disclaimer: why do we even bother? Paramount™ owns all the main Voyager characters. Luckily, they don’t own mine!

Whatd’ya know? Another Rosa Series Spin Off!

(revised February 6 – thanks to Anne Rose for beta-ing)


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For Marthe C.

Disclaimer: Most characters I use in this fanfic will probably belong to Paramount. But it’s only their names which have been trade marked. Their behaviour is all a figment of my imagination.

A short one.

This story is kind of, almost but not quite, based on recent events in my life. Those of you who’ve met me in the Official JetC Chatroom *shameless plug: #jetc on irc @ undernet.org* between November 4 and 6 will maybe recognise the thing which has inspired me.

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