How do you aleviate boredom? Playing games! Disclaimer: So they own the characters. That still doesn’t make them the Rulers of the World. Ever tried drinking 2 cups of strong black coffee with heaps of sugar 1 hour before going to bed? Don’t!! (Unless of course you want to hear the neighboring church bell herald […]


The smell of caramel brownies had invaded the house. Every first Sunday of the month, Gretchen Janeway found herself baking her oldest daughter’s favorite brownies. Unfortunately, Kathryn would not be there to enjoy them. Instead Phoebe and her family would come over, and Kathy – Phoebe’s eldest – would do her aunt proud by begging […]


As she dreams about birds and flowers, little Rosa won’t wake up. Disclaimer: let’s see, what is it again? Right: Paramount owns all the characters, ships, aliens (well, not really), etc. that I use to get rid off some of those weird story lines in my head. I guess you could say that Paramount is […]