And Baby Makes Three … (aka Simia Ursusque)

For a “Baby Makes Three” contest, which I believe was part of an old Picnic Proze Contest.

First time publication – this fic was not published on my website before. I found the story last night in a notebook, which also has all the Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Icecream fics.
“Serenade for Sarah” (Michel Legrand – Alan et Marilyn Bergman), in Les Uns et Les Autres [lyrics not yet found]

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Little Girl Lost

Disclaimer: I still don’t own them – and any wish I might have had to own them has gradually disappeared. TPTB can do whatever they want – we will do the same.

For Sylvia, Katie, Caffey, Jadie and Mr Jadie – once more around the block?

Written for the 2002 Christmas Contest hosted by SylviaK.

Thanks to Ris for the quick beta :o)

Song: Seven Years – Lee Alexander, sung by Norah Jones (last verse slightly adapted)

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Somebody Stop Me Please!

Disclaimer: Katie … today you own them!

A/N: for my friend Katie – ExcellentBuddy™ and Friend Extraordinaire

A/N 2: oops, Katie, hon, I forgot it again. What line did you want me to use? Could you email me? See, I’m supposed to be working now

A/N – 3: alternate universe to Friends? Why not.

A/N 4: ‘Somebody stop me, please!’

A/N 5: don’t kill me, Katie!

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