The Virus

Far from my usual fare, this is a HarryPotterWorld Story.

Code: Snape/OC

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns the characters from the world of Harry Potter. Anna Grey is mine, however. At least I think she is, but she isn’t too sure about it.

Dedicated to my friend Cilla: this is not a Mary Sue ~grin~

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Kathryn’s Life

Disclaimer: so I decided to rip off two institutions, instead of my usual one— o well.

In response to the challenge made by Sue and C.A.
Dutch kids grow up on the books written by Dick Bruna. His most famous character is Nijntje (Miffy in the English versions). He has a unique style of drawing his characters, but it is often forgotten that his writing style is very special too.
I even had to call my parents to have them read out a page to me, just to get the hang of his meter and rhyme scheme.

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