Chakotay is invited to participate in the courtly games of the planet Anaidni. What will Kathryn do? or: Just Another Shore Leave Story Disclaimer: since we gave them to Caffey as a birthday gift, she is the only one who can sue us :-) Dedicated to Caffey: happy birthday hon, and many happy returns of […]


Disclaimer: ParaBorg owns them, Cole Porter owns it, but I don’t care. Whenever skies look grey to me And trouble begins to brew Whenever the winter winds Begin to blow I concentrate on you When fortune cries nay, nay to me And people declare “You’re through” Whenever the blues becomes my only song I concentrate […]


Disclaimer: TPTB own all the mythological creatures originally created by the Great Bird. We, however, are like the Great Homer in that we ask our muse to help us tell the story of the woman who wandered full many ways … I’d like to dedicate this story to my teacher of the Greek and Latin, […]