This story was written during the OeldeCon (hosted by Katie). While we were eating icecream at a local icecream parlor, this fic sort of happened.

Katie has emailed me Part I of the Ice Cream Saga. This story is dedicated to Sylvia, for all her patience at the OeldeCon. Hugz from Clare, Bec, Katie, Caffey and Caldosh.

We wrote this story as a ‘live’ round-robin, and author’s names have been added in italics. [note to self, check year]


“Tom! Would you put that darned thing away!”

“I’m sorry, Captain, but nobody’s going to believe me if I don’t have proof.”

Kathryn Janeway waved away the intrusive holocamera and took a sip of her large chilled coffee.


“Lieutenant, if you do not get rid of the camera this second, I will personally see to your demise!”

“But Captain! That’s not fair, I mean, B’Ela will have my head and Neelix will need the pic for his weekly show. Do you know how many replicators Chakotay can win? No one will ever believe me when I say their Captain was drinking a large chilled coffee - without caffeine!”


“Pardon me? What do you mean, no caffeine? Are you telling me this thing actually equals decaf?” Kathryn challenged, her eyes sparkling. She was willing to do just about anything to keep her reputation.

Tom grinned at her not believing a word she said. She knew, she had to know and he needed that picture. He was desperate.


“Any anyway,” Kathryn continued, a slightly wicked gleam entering her eyes. “Even if I did let you get the shot you’re after, Lieutenant, there’s no way anyone can tell if it’s decaf or not.”

Tom groaned inwardly. That was a possibility he hadn’t considered. Decaf resembled regular coffee like a poisonous bug did a harmless insect. Seemingly fine until accidentally consumed. Then it was more deadly than decaf.


Just then a waiter appeared at her side. “Madam, did you know that if you shake the glass like this,” and he proceeded to grab her decaf iced coffee. “What language would you like the letters to appear in? Federation Standard is yours, I believe.” He shook the glass and before Tom Paris could even begin to understand what was happening, the waiter put the glass down again.

Large blue letters appeared at the rim, ‘This decaf was especially made for Kathryn Janeway’.

Bringing up his camera, Tom took his picture of an extremely stunned Kathryn and her special glass of decaf.


Kathryn sighed as Paris ran off gleefully with his camera. Just as he did, Chakotay came out of the swimming pool and took a large gulp of air.

“I thought he’d never leave,” Chakotay said.

Kathryn handed the coffee back to her dripping First Officer with a worried expression, “Do you think he noticed?”

Shrugging, Chakotay examined the glass, “Why does my drink have your name on it?”


“Well, first of all, maybe the waiter doesn’t like me and secondly, just believe me, you don’t wanna know. Just trust me on that one. Please?”

She smiled at him trying to look innocent.

He didn’t buy it, “Kathryn, the tone of your voice, your intonation, tells me I do want to know.”

“No way. YOu’ll know soon enough. It will be all around the ship in not time.”

“Then you could tell me now. That way you can make sure I get the true version.”

“I hate your logic.”



Kathryn glared at him. “I’ll tell you later. Right now I need to do a little ‘editing’ to the holodeck schedule.”

“What did Tom do this time?”

Kathryn growled, “Never mind. Like I said, I’ll tell you later.”

Chakotay looked amused, but knew when it was time to drop the subject. She changed the topic by asking how he managed to hold his breath for so long. “Is that another one of your Maquis tactics, Commander?”


Before he answered, Chakotay had already picked up Kathryn and he carried her back to the swimming pool.

“Don’t you dare, Chakotay! Throw me in the pool and you’re a dead …”

Just in time, she was able to close her mouth before she hit the water.

“Chakotay!” B’Elanna rushed up to her friend, “have you seen Tom? He told me he’d be here, because he had some great ‘kodak color’ opportunities.” She looked around and noticed the by now melted iced coffee glass. B’Elanna sniggered when she saw the writing on it. “The Captain is around? He mentioned I’d find her here too.”

Chakotay looked decidedly uncomfortable, unaware Kathryn had slowly pulled herself out of the pool and she was standing behind him.

He jumped up when he suddenly felt a wet arm sneak around his waist.


The arm slid around and the hand spread out on his bare torso while Chakotay’s eyes grew wide, as did B’Elanna’s when she figured who the hand belonged to.

The hand slid enticingly down his stomach until it reached the waist band of his trunks.

B’Elanna blushed as she watched the Captain’s open display of affection while Chakotay was struggling to breathe. Kathryn wickedly slipped her hand under the waist band, then pulled.

Shreaking with laughter, Kathryn bounded away while Chakotay hurridly pulled up his swimming trunks. B’Elanna didn’t know whether to laugh or scream as Chakotay said, “Excuse me, B’Elanna, I have to chase the Captain.”


B’Elanna looked after the command team chasing around the pool, her mouth gaping open. They had actually managed to shock her. She shook her head, trying to get a certain image out of her mind.


There was no way she would be able to focus on any work now, with that certain image in her head.

Actually, she was going to find her husband now, she decided. The command team was busy anyway. Besides, she was sure that nothing either Janeway or Chakotay could do, would top the perfomance she had just been a witness to.

Meanwhile, Chakotay, having longer legs, was quickly gaining on his captain, and when he caught up with her, he grabbed her by the waist and threw her over his shoulder with seemingly no effort at all.

Kathryn’s initial response was to smack him silly, when she realized she had a pretty good view at his behind; she stopped struggling at once.


Thinking he had won the battle, Chakotay sauntered back to their chairs. Before he could set her back down, however, he distinctly felt a finger lightly trailing down his spine. The soft touch didn’t stop however and by the time it had reached its destination, Chakotay was decidedly skittish.

Kathryn giggled when she felt Chakotay squirm. She’d discovered he was quite ticklish. Tracing her finger down, she had her suspicions proved. There right below the waist band of his trunks were two fairly obvious dents. She had won her bet with B’Elanna! Her gorgeous First Officer actually had another precious set of smiling dimples.


Kathryn became engrossed in her latest discovery, and forgot that she was supposed to be ruthlessly tickling her first officer. Chakotay, meanwhile, took full advantage of the lull and unceremoniously dumped her into a lawn chair. Kathryn didn’t have the time to react as Chakotay emptied a jug of iced water over her.

“You! You!” She sputtered as she drew in deep breaths. Her hair was dripping and ice cubes were lodged in appropriate places in her two piece swimsuit. Clutching his sides, Chakotay hard-pressed to contain his laughter.

“I thought you needed to cool down!” he said.

Kathryn’s eyes smoldered. She smiled and Chakotay’s breath caught - the glint in her eyes was pure evil. She let her hand dip into her cleavage and she slowly pulled out an ice cube. Chakotay stared as she brought it to her lips and let her long tongue curl out to lick it.

“Perhaps you’re the one who needs to cool down, Commander.”


He’d do that too, if it meant that he could use the ice cubes that were still inside her bikini top. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t take well to being stripped in a public place. But Chakotay, as usual, had a back-up plan. Picking her up, Chakotay threw her into the swimming pool for the second time that day, to avoiid having someone else see what was about to come. Jumping in as well, he trod water until he was directly behind her. Pressing into her from behind, he leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “You might want to reconsider.”


Grinning evily to herself, Kathryn slowly slid back up to him, making sure her body was in full contact with his. A purr escaped from her throat, “Are you sure you want to follow up on that thought?”

Chakotay groaned and mentally slapped himself. He should have known something like this would happen."

Kathryn Janeway always gave as good as she got.

“How do you know what I’m thinking?” he replied.

She turned around and put his arms around her back, “Because I assume it’s the same thing I’m thinking.” She looked up into his eyes and he noticed there was an extra glint in them.

“Kathryn, are you sure?”

She put her arms his neck and pulled his head closer."

“I’m sure if you’re sure.”

He leaned in closer, “I’m sure.”


Chakotay moved slightly forwards, his feet moving carefully along the swimming pool’s floor, until he felt resistence, meaning Kathryn’s back was pressed firmly against the tiled wall of the swimming pool. Kathryn’s feet were slightly raised from the ground, their obvious difference in heights meaning he was the only one who could reach the bottom. Kathryn, however, barely noticed this. She trusted Chakotay implicitly, and would trust him with her life - so she would certainly trust him to support her. Besides, Kathryn’s thoughts were most definitely otherwise occupied.

Gently, Chakotay pressed his lips to hers. Kathryn moaned softly at the contact, clasping her hands tighter around his neck and deepening the kiss.

Chakotay’s hands roamed freely down her back, his fingers gently caressing her flesh, his touch always tender, despite the ongoing passionate kiss.

Finally they broke for air, each slightly breathless. Kathryn’s heart was pounding as she slowly opened her eyes to meet his gaze, reluctant to speak for fear of spoiling the moment.

Chakotay was silent for a moment before he spoke, “Didn’t you have ice in your bikini top?”

Kathryn smiled, glad he had broken the silence … even if it had been with that. Teasingly she managed, “It melted.”

“You sure?”

Kathryn grinned at him, “Do you want to make sure?”

As she looked just beyond his head, her grin faded in sudden confusion.

Chakotay noticed the change in her expression, “What?”

“Why is there a rubber duck in the swimming pool?”


Meanwhile, in the Messhall, B’Elanna had found her husband. Tom was standing next to a portable terminal with a crowd of crewmen surging around him.

“Chell, you get ten to one for location,” he called as he consulted a Padd in his hand. “I’m afraid Tuvok’s taken the pot on date and time. You all will have your accounts adjusted in the morning.”

The exited voices and hubbub in the Messhall faded out of B’Elanna’s hearing as her eyes were pulled to the image on the terminal. The Captain and the Commander were locked in what one of her Klingon Romance Novels would call ‘a heated embrace’.

B’Elanna bulldozed her way through the crowd and just before she wiped the incriminating image off the screen, she heard Chakotay say, “Rubber duckies are the least of your worries, Kathryn, something else has just come up.”