For Marthe C.

Disclaimer: Most characters I use in this fanfic will probably belong to Paramount. But it’s only their names which have been trade marked. Their behaviour is all a figment of my imagination.

A short one.

This story is kind of, almost but not quite, based on recent events in my life. Those of you who’ve met me in the Official JetC Chatroom *shameless plug: #jetc on irc @* between November 4 and 6 will maybe recognise the thing which has inspired me.

“So, you think I should give them a call?”

Her colleagues sighed, because she’d only asked them close to a thousand times today. And another thousand times yesterday. To say she was getting on their nerves was to put things mildly.

“Phoebe, why don’t you call your mother instead? She will certainly know more about the present situation.”

“But what if she doesn’t? I know Mom is trying not to interfere too much, because she knows how much it will upset Kathryn. And we all realise she doesn’t need the stress right now.”

“Hon, just pick up the phone and call your mother. Now, if she can’t give you an update, you can always call your sister. Really, you’ve been through this twice yourself, so you should know what Kathryn is going through. We’re just glad you now get to find out what it’s like for those waiting. You realise you put us through a total of three weeks of pure hell; each phone call could bring us more news, but it didn’t. At least not until Adam finally called us.

Phoebe was still not convinced, “I’ll just wait until after lunch. Mom will probably have contacted them by then, and she can tell me what’s going on.”

~ * ~ * ~

One of the vidscreens beeped. “Incoming call for Phoebe Brynnden.”

“Computer, transfer the call to my terminal.”

“Hi Phoebe. And? Any news yet?"

“Hello B’Elanna. Sorry no news yet.”

“Still nothing. Do you think we could give them a call? I mean, they won’t think we’re intruding, do you?"

“To be perfectly honest, I was wondering the same thing. I was planning to call Mom after lunch. Just to see if she has heard anything, before I bother them.”

“Okay, I will tell the rest. Could you tell me when you hear anything? Any news will be greatly appreciated."

“Of course I will. And if you happen to hear anything, you’ll contact me, right?”

“It’s a deal. I have to go again, Tom wants to keep the line free. You’d almost think he was the one expecting. I don’t think he was this nervous when I was this far along."

“It must be a male thing. Adam is the same, and he got Kathy and Edward all hyped, so you can imagine what my life at home is like.”

“I recognise it only too well. Remember, I have the entire Senior Staff at my house, constantly in touch with the rest of our crew. Well, I really have to stop now. Hope to hear from you soon. B’Elanna Paris out."

~ * ~ * ~

That had been two days ago. Looking back, Phoebe realised they just might have overreacted a little too much, but now, as she held her newborn niece, she really didn’t care anymore.

A new life to grace this universe with her presence, and she would be loved by all who would get to know her.

For now, little Rosa Maria Janeway was sleeping in the arms of her aunt, completely oblivious of the rest of the world.