Disclaimer: Have pity on a poor sick woman!

Nothing helped. She was rolling back and forth trying to get comfortable, but it just wasn’t going to work.

Her nose was getting more and more stuffy, and as soon as she felt she could get some air, breathing in through her nose would hurt.

It didn’t help she started to have the feeling that she was slowly hearing less and less. Not to mention the fact that every muscle in her body seemed to hurt.

Of course her skin tingled as well, alternating between hot and cold.

If only her throat wasn’t this raspy. The last time she tried to carefully scrape it, it had seemed as if someone had dumped desserts of sand in there.

Finally giving up on trying to sleep, she sat up in bed and just listened, something that would usually calm her down. It was at moments like these that she could hear the humming of the engines, even though any technician would tell her that was impossible.

~ * ~ * ~

An arm was carefully draped over her legs, before a groggy voice caught up with her thoughts. “Come here and I’ll tell you a story.”