Workforce - Chakotay is brainwashed, Kathryn is brainwashed. They meet up.

Slightly based on Workforce I/II - very A/U

For our friend Cilla :) hope you like it, hon

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* ~ * ~ *

Bringing in new workers was always a hassle. Efficiency Monitor Annika Hansen showed the new couple their workstations. The taller of the two was slightly hesitant to work away from his mate, but the woman was more than anxious to start. According to the plant’s Personnel Officer Spa’Qelle, they were supposed to be treated differently from the others.

Usually a new ‘alien’ worker would be inconspicuously introduced to a native worker to ensure the full integration of any newcomers. These two however were not to be separated except during work hours. EM Hansen was surprised when she found out, because according to the records available to Spa’Qelle there wasn’t even a discernible history between these two workers. At least, not one that was clearly visible from the interactions they observed before the two newcomers were prepared.

“Are you sure I’m supposed to work behind this station? I can distinctly remember hearing the Personnel Officer telling me I should concern myself with the Alpha Grid Spacial Fluctuations, and not Beta Sequence Warp Eratics.”

The male was starting to annoy EM Hansen. He simply would not work at his designated station, instead he was making up excuses to be nearer to his companion.

“Chakotay, quit being such a pain in the ass. We will see each other at the end of our shifts, we don’t have to be together constantly.” Kathryn nudged him, “Who knows, a little separation might give us a little inspiration.”

Grudgingly he went back to his control panel. EM Hansen was satisfied with the outcome, but she had to ask Spa’Qelle about the woman. She was too authoritative for her taste.

* ~ * ~ *

As soon as she entered their apartment, she noticed something was wrong. She had programmed the replicator only to serve cold dishes, but the aromas that invaded her senses could not possibly be caused by her preferred food.

“Finally, what took you so long? I’ve been home forever, trying to keep dinner warm.”

Kathryn fell down in one of the stuffed chairs. “You don’t even want to know what happened when I walked home.”

“I thought you said it was safe to walk back on your own. Next time, you will contact me and I will pick you up, you hear?”

“It wasn’t dangerous, just unsettling. Someone came up to me and told me I didn’t belong here. He then proceeded to tell me we didn’t belong together.”

“Who was it? Who followed you? Where can I find him?”

“Chakotay, please, ignore him. Don’t go into full caveman mode. I handled it well, I think. I told him he was wrong, and I actually told him about our upcoming marriage.”


“Well, uhm, yeah. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, of course not, it’s just that well, I had thought about it, but I wasn’t sure you’d accept if I asked you. And now, you sort of ruined any plans I might have had.”

“Well, we could just forget about it. I will be awaiting your proposal then. Oh, and make sure it is an extraordinary one. You wouldn’t want me to get rid of you now, would you?” A wicked grin spread across her face.

Chakotay pretended to be hurt. “Did you ever think it would be anything else but completely special? Should I be insulted?”

“Stop pouting, mister. It doesn’t suit you at all. It’s completely unbelievable. I can see those dimples forming about now… There they are,” she teased as he tried to keep a straight face.

“And what would you do, if I didn’t? Direct me to the sofa?” Before he could duck, a pillow hit him squarely in the face.

“Don’t tempt me, Chakotay. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself without your help, thank you very much.”

“I know, hon, but you don’t want to, do you?”

She came up to him and raised her left hand. He mimicked her gesture as they entwined their fingers.

“I love you, you know.”

“Really? Who would have thought that?” He grinned as he cornered her.

“Chakotay? What are you doing?”

“I haven’t decided yet. Any suggestions?”

“Well, you could sweep me off my feet and carry me to the bedroom.”

“Not very likely. I hurt my back today, remember.”

“Or you could feed me dinner. I’m starving!”

“Not very likely. You don’t eat regularly, remember.”

“Chakotay, dearest. Shut up and kiss me, will you.”

“Now that’s an idea.”

“Sneaky bastard.”

“But you love me, right?”

“If you don’t shut up in two seconds, I’ll reconsider my feelings for you.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Closing their eyes, their lips moved closer as they heard a faint buzzing sound and a tickle spread through their bodies.

“It’s not crunch time yet.” Kathryn murmured.

“Captain, I believe it is crunch time. Welcome back.”

Their heads snapped apart and they looked at the young man who spoke to them.

“It took us a while to locate you, but we found you and that is all that matters. The Doctor has requested your presence in Sickbay. Then you can retire to your respective quarters where you will be briefed on the situation.”

Before either of them could reply, they were transported to Sickbay where the Doctor sedated them.

* ~ * ~ *

“Janeway to Chakotay,” her voice invaded his dreams. “Let me sleep, love, whatever it is, it can wait.”

“Janeway to Chakotay, please respond.” The urgency of her tone made him open his eyes. What was that constant hum? Right, Voyager. And where was Kathryn? He had to remind himself that she was likely to be in her own quarters. He tapped the commbadge that lay beside his bed.

“Chakotay, here.” he said, sleepily.

“Can you come over?”

“I am on my way, Kathryn,” he closed the commlink as he tried to slip into his uniform trousers.

After quickly dressing, he rang the door chime to her quarters. “Chakotay, that you?” she asked before she opened the doors.

“Yes,” he answered as they slid open to let him in.

“Everything all right, Kathryn?”

“No, it isn’t,” she replied honestly. “Do you remember anything, yet?”

“No. You?”

“No. And I refuse to believe that we aren’t meant to be. They are stupid to say that we aren’t a couple. We are.”

Kathryn walked up to hug him tightly, refusing to let go of him anytime soon.

Kissing his fiancée, Chakotay lead her to the bed.

* ~ * ~ *

“Ensign Kim, we have a problem. I have checked the Captain’s and Commander’s latest brain scan and compared it to the one taken when they were first beamed aboard. There is no reason for them to remember their liaison. According to the planet’s doctors, after their treatment they should get back to normal, forgetting the anomalies in their personality and lives.”

“Doctor, you are right. We do have a problem. Computer, location of Commander Chakotay.”

“Commander Chakotay is in his quarters.”

“Harry, what are you trying to prove? Computer, location of Captain Janeway.”

“Captain Janeway is in her quarters.”

“Computer, status of Commander Chakotay and Captain Janeway.”

“That information is classified.”

“See, Doc? We’re in trouble. They hardly remember their lives on Voyager, but they still know how to tweak the computer.”

“Doctor to Mr. Neelix. Could you please report to Sickbay?”

“I’m on my way, Doctor. Is there anything I should bring?”

“Neelix, it’s Harry. Just bring your strongest coffee substitute and an extra batch of Gretchen’s brownies. Kim out.”

“Gentlemen, thank you for coming.” The Doctor was walking between the assembled crew. Tom Paris had already checked the internal sensors, and Tuvok had decided not to ask him about it. “It appears our very own bookie, Mr. Paris, has finally been able to cash out on all his bets regarding our Command Team. We are only left with one tiny problem. Our two most Senior Officers unfortunately don’t remember their positions aboard our ship. So, do we have any ideas on how to handle this, without breaking them up I might add? It’s taken us too long to get these two together. Now all we need is to make them see they can pick up where they left off before we encountered the Quarra people.”

“Torres to Paris. Could you come over, please. There’s someone here to speak to you.”

“B’Elanna, honey, we’re in the middle of discussing you-know-what. Can’t this wait?”

“Dear, I’m afraid it can’t wait. You see, she’s asking on how we manage to combine our work with our relationship. So, come over here, pronto! Torres out.”

Paris looked around, “I guess this might solve part of our problem. Tuvok, why don’t you see if you can find Commander Chakotay and overwhelm him with your logic. Explain why it’s not at all ‘wrong’ for them to stay together, while commanding the ship. In the meantime, I’ll be playing the old married man. Let’s meet again tonight at the beginning of gamma shift?”

* ~ * ~ *

“Kathryn, I, uhm, don’t know how to put this. What you’re asking is really personal and I don’t think Tom would appreciate me telling you this. Besides, you’re my Captain. You wouldn’t do stuff like that. Right?”

“I don’t know if we would. B’Elanna, I’ve read my logs, both personal and professional, and frankly they made me terribly sad. This life I read about sounded so horribly lonely. The Kathryn I used to be, well I have a feeling she’s not the real Kathryn. Not the one I supposedly let Chakotay meet when we were on New Earth.”

“New Earth? What was that?”

“Remember the virus? The one that had us living like a modern day Adam and Eve on a planet? We named it New Earth.”

“New Earth. That’s so romantic.”

“It was. I can’t believe that Kathryn, well, that I was able to get back to Voyager and completely ignore what we started. I must have hurt Chakotay so deeply.”

The increasingly sad look on Kathryn’s face worried B’Elanna.

“But you’re together now, aren’t you? You are not thinking of shutting him out again, right? Don’t you dare, Kathryn Janeway! It would kill him!”

“It would kill me too, B’Elanna. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything stupid. It’s just I don’t know how to make it up to him. I have hurt him so much, and after reading my logs, I realized I have hurt him too often. He probably read his logs by now, and he won’t like me anymore.”

“Cheer up, Captain. I know Chakotay and even though he’s had his less bright moments, usually when they involved a blonde in trouble, he won’t let you go. He can’t. Not after what his father once told him.”

“His father? Kolopak? But he’s been dead for years! Chakotay did tell me once about a spiritguide, but never said anything about talking to Kolopak. I read about the time when he thought he’d be crazy like his grandfather. Do you think I should be worried about that? Who knows, our children might carry the same defective gene?”

B’Elanna laughed at her Captain. “Kathryn, I think future children are the least of your problems. Talk to Chakotay. He’ll give you some answers.”

As Kathryn got up to leave, the doors opened and Tom Paris rushed in. “Did I miss anything? Captain, are you all right? B’Elanna, I came as fast as I could, but somewhere along the way our intrepid First Officer cornered me. By the way he asked how our baby was doing, but then chickened out when I suggested he’d see for himself. Captain, permission to speak freely.”

“Tom, please, cut the formality.”

“Alrighty! Kathryn, ignore what Starfleet has taught you. Follow your heart and be happy.”

“Thanks Tom. I’d better find that intrepid First Officer of mine. B’Elanna, thank you for putting my fears into perspective.” Before they could reply, Kathryn had ran out of their quarters.

* ~ * ~ *

“Computer, locate Commander Chakotay.”

“Commander Chakotay is on Deck 5, junction 6.9-B.”

“Computer, what is Commander Chakotay’s destination?”

“Unable to compute. Commander Chakotay is moving towards Deck 5, junction 7.4C. Final destination unknown. Please restate your question.”

* ~ * ~ *

“Janeway to Chakotay.”

“Go ahead, Captain.”

“Where are you? I’ve been trying to find you, but the computer can’t seem to pinpoint your exact location.”

He grinned, “That’s probably because I’ve running around trying to find you. How about we meet up somewhere in between?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll see you in the Messhall then. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you, are you still in contact with your father?”

“Kathryn? I don’t think the commsystem is the ideal place to discuss my deceased father. See you in about 2 minutes. Chakotay out.”

* ~ * ~ *

In record time the entire off duty crew of Voyager had met up in the Messhall. They had some serious topics to cover, of which the recent transfer of credits was the most important one. According to Tom Paris, the main winner, the credits would be donated towards any expenses made for the future children of Voyager. Luckily the majority agreed. At one point someone asked the status of the Command Team, and when the computer answered they were on their way to the crew’s present location, major chaos broke out. B’Elanna and Neelix quickly hid all the Padds, while Harry and Tom used part of the credits to replicate two simple golden wedding bands.

Kathryn and Chakotay entered the room, expecting it to be empty. When they found their crew assembled before them, Kathryn was tempted to flee again, but a firm hand on her back prevented that.

“Captain, Commander, how great it is to see you again.” Neelix told them. “We weren’t expecting you, but now that you’re here we can finally put an end to the circulating rumors. Is it true that you plan to get married today?”

Kathryn choked, “Married?”

The firm hand stayed in place, and she had no option but to continue walking towards Tuvok. Chakotay had decided she needed the proverbial push in the back to get her where he wanted her.

“Tuvok, are you all set? Tom, did you replicate what I asked you to?”

“Sure did, Chakotay.”

“Commander, I have been ready for quite a long time. We can proceed. Kathryn, would you please take you place. B’Elanna, hand her the bouquet please. Chakotay, you know what to do, don’t you?”

“All ready, Tuvok. Please get this over with, before Kathryn decides to run out on me again.”

“Dearly beloved, ….”

* ~ * ~ *

“That went reasonably well. She didn’t suspect a thing. Brilliant maneuvering there, Tuvok. You’re still a Maquis at heart.”

“Thank you, B’Elanna. But it is true what I said at the wedding. I have been ready for this moment for close to 6 years. In fact, I was expecting an event like this when we rescued Kathryn and Chakotay from that planet all these years ago. I never expected it would take them this long.”

“At least she didn’t run. B’Elanna, are you sure handing her the bouquet meant tying her to the chair?”

“Tom, I didn’t hurt her. It was just a Klingon custom I adapted to fit our needs. If she’d run out, Chakotay would have killed me for certain. He’s already mad enough I made her think he was going crazy when I mentioned he still talked to his father. Imagine what he would have done to me if I’d let her go this time.”

Neelix came over with the last bottle of champagne. “My friends, just one for the road? And a toast, to the wonderful crew of Voyager. Nothing’s too much for us, not even bribing a wonderful planet into fixing our couple up!”