Disclaimer: This story is mine!

Dedicated to ‘De Griek’ - my favorite take-away giros place.

Suddenly a door opened. Only one head turned to see who came out. Standing in the middle of a greasy and overrun snack joint, the curious onlooker gazed surreptitiously at the neatly dressed elder lady who had just come through the door. Even though the tag on the door read ‘toilet’, the lady’s expression somehow didn’t fit the profile of someone who would frequent these kind of restaurants, not even to use the facilities.

Streaks of silver were abundantly present in her once auburn hair. Carrying her purse over her shoulder, she looked around her, almost ashamed of her presence in this pitiful place. Her whole demeanor showed a lack of experience. Quickly she stepped around the regulars, keeping her head high and her shoulders squared. The young woman, who had looked up to see who opened the door, caught her gaze, and she smiled encouragingly. Nodding at her young admirer, the elder woman stepped up behind her, and while she exited the restaurant, she whispered “As you were.”

A mere minute later a tall and distinguished looking man also came through the door. He nodded at all who cared enough to look up, his face lit with an almost undetectable smile. As he walked past the young woman, she caught a whiff of the lady’s perfume, and when she looked up in surprise, he winked at her. In that brief moment, as the smile in his face grew to show off a matching set of dimples, the young girl recognized him. And by deduction she also realized who the lady was.