And Baby Makes Three … (aka Simia Ursusque)

For a “Baby Makes Three” contest, which I believe was part of an old Picnic Proze Contest.

First time publication – this fic was not published on my website before. I found the story last night in a notebook, which also has all the Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Icecream fics.
“Serenade for Sarah” (Michel Legrand – Alan et Marilyn Bergman), in Les Uns et Les Autres [lyrics not yet found]

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Not-a-Mary-Sue, but another spin off Rosa Series

Disclaimer: why do we even bother? Paramount™ owns all the main Voyager characters. Luckily, they don’t own mine!

Whatd’ya know? Another Rosa Series Spin Off!

(revised February 6 – thanks to Anne Rose for beta-ing)


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For Marthe C.

Disclaimer: Most characters I use in this fanfic will probably belong to Paramount. But it’s only their names which have been trade marked. Their behaviour is all a figment of my imagination.

A short one.

This story is kind of, almost but not quite, based on recent events in my life. Those of you who’ve met me in the Official JetC Chatroom *shameless plug: #jetc on irc @* between November 4 and 6 will maybe recognise the thing which has inspired me.

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The smell of caramel brownies had invaded the house. Every first Sunday of the month, Gretchen Janeway found herself baking her oldest daughter’s favorite brownies. Unfortunately, Kathryn would not be there to enjoy them. Instead Phoebe and her family would come over, and Kathy – Phoebe’s eldest – would do her aunt proud by begging her grandmother to let her eat them all.

Disclaimer: From all the money I’ll make with this story, I intend to buy Paramount. That way the characters will finally be mine! (*sigh* my dreamscenario)

Story n°5: still from that one moment of clarity when I met Rose.

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Mr. Bear

My bear, my Bamse, always an inspiration. I’m of the opinion that every little girl or boy should have at least one stuffed animal when they’re young. Of course, teddybears are the favorite!

Disclaimer: All mine!

For the one who only speaks to me.

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