Little Girl Lost

Disclaimer: I still don’t own them – and any wish I might have had to own them has gradually disappeared. TPTB can do whatever they want – we will do the same.

For Sylvia, Katie, Caffey, Jadie and Mr Jadie – once more around the block?

Written for the 2002 Christmas Contest hosted by SylviaK.

Thanks to Ris for the quick beta :o)

Song: Seven Years – Lee Alexander, sung by Norah Jones (last verse slightly adapted)

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As she dreams about birds and flowers, little Rosa won’t wake up.

Disclaimer: let’s see, what is it again? Right: Paramount owns all the characters, ships, aliens (well, not really), etc. that I use to get rid off some of those weird story lines in my head. I guess you could say that Paramount is the psychoanalyst who helps us with our struggle in life. (eh? Come again?)

Disclaimer 2: Rose, Ecco and Mr Fernando are all mine!

Okay, so shoot me, I’m in my song-period. Blame my mother! Hey, she bought the 25 Years after Waterloo’ ABBA CD (sorry, only available in the Netherlands). I can’t help but listen to her play it, and then when I get an idea, my psychoanalyst advised me to write it down. So there you have it! It’s Paramount’s fault after all!!

After hearing I had a dream, this is what happened.

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Disclaimer: ParaBorg owns them, Cole Porter owns it, but I don’t care.

Whenever skies look grey to me
And trouble begins to brew
Whenever the winter winds
Begin to blow
I concentrate on you

When fortune cries nay, nay to me
And people declare “You’re through”
Whenever the blues becomes my only song
I concentrate on you

On your smile to sweet so tender
When first my kiss you deny
On the love in your eyes
When you surrender
And once again our arms entertwine

And so when wise men say to me
That loves young dreams never come true
To prove that even wise men can be wrong
I concentrate on you.

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Tous les Visages de l’Amour

Disclaimer: Paramount and Viacom own all. Aznavour and Kretzmer own the song. Luckily, I still own the story.

Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)

What can I say? I saw the movie ‘Nottinghill’, heard the song sung by Elvis Costello, and wondered why they hadn’t used the original, better version sung by Charles Aznavour!

July 17, 2000 : thanks to Pam Idema for locating this story :-) {{hugz}}

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You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To

You’d be so nice to come home to
You’d be so nice by the fire

While that breeze on night sings a lullaby
You’d be all my heart could desire
Under stars chilled by the winter
Under an August moon shining above


You’d be so nice you’d be paradise
To come home to and love

Disclaimer: I bow for the great god Paramount who owns all the toys I want to play with.

Well people, my first J/C story (make that my first story) on the internet. Please tell me what you thought, but be kind, I’m new at this. After inspiration from the best CD ever: Kiri te Kanawa sings Cole Porter.
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